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1ms TN vs 4ms AHVA (Marketed as IPS)
« on: September 27, 2018, 07:23:01 pm »
AHVA/IPS/PLS vs VA Panel Image Quality Differences

Curved VA panels have less sharp text than AHVA/IPS/PLS and TN panels:

IBXT Curved C24FG70 VA Text Blur Analysis
PC Monitors Curved VA Panel Text Blur Analysis

TN panels suffer from vertical gamma shift: their colors and shades are uneven from top (top quarter is too dark) to bottom (bottom half is washed out), as well tend to have more banding, and always have vastly less wide, or more restrictive viewing angles, though all LCD panel types look the worst when viewed from above, or looked down at.

VA panels suffer from horizontal gamma shift which causes the sides of VA panel to be significantly lighter or washed out compared to AHVA, IPS and PLS panels. VA panel gamma becomes lower, and colors and shades become more washed out the further away from the center.

AOC AG271QG (1440p AUO AHVA Panel):

AOC AG271QG GB Stripes by Dr NCX, on Flickr

BenQ Zowie RL2460 (1080p AUO TN):

BenQ Zowie RL2460 Gamma Shift 15s by Dr NCX, on Flickr

Samsung 43NU7100 (Samsung VA Panel):

Samsung 43NU7100 GB Stripes by Dr NCX, on Flickr

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