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Best 32" 144hz 1080p Monitors with Free-Sync
« on: September 27, 2018, 07:28:34 pm »
Best 32" 144hz 1080p Monitors with Free-Sync

1.) Philips 328C7Q (Matte VA Panel)
2.) AOC C32G1 (Matte VA Panel)
3.) AOC AGON 322FCX (Matte VA Panel)
3.) Viewsonic XG3202-C (Matte VA Panel)
4.) BenQ EX3200R (Matte VA Panel)

The Philips offers both accurate color presets on par with the Viewsonic, 5,000:1 contrast and an extended color space as large as the AOC's. The AOC 322FCX and Philips have slightly higher input lag than the Viewsonic, but the Philips has better image quality than both and matches the others overdrive performance once it's overdrive setting (Smart Response) is switched from the default setting (Off) to the Faster setting.  The AOC C32G1 has very low input lag, an extended color space or semi-wide gamut panel, and is very accurate one switched to the sRGB mode which locks the color and brightness controls.

The Viewsonic has more accurate color presets with nearly 2.2 linear gamma while the AOC averages around 2.08, but the AOC has an extended color space which completely cover the sRGB color space with a little extra saturation. The Viewsonic has lower input lag (5-7ms SMT Tool Measurement by Playwares vs AOC 11-13ms), as well as higher contrast (>5000:1), but the higher contrast difference could be the result of panel lottery.

The AOC has a perceived black depth ruining glossy black bezel and a height adjustable stand while the Viewsonic lacks a height adjustable stand, but has a superior dark matte black plastic, but matte black bezels also decrease the perceived black depth compared to dark matte grey and white bezels.

The BenQ EX3200R also has a height adjustable stand, but it offers the least sRGB color space coverage, though it does have lower input lag than the AOC.
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