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Best 24-27" 144hz 1080p G-Sync Monitors
« on: September 27, 2018, 07:30:12 pm »
Best 24-27" 144hz 1080p G-Sync Monitors

1.) Acer Z271 (30-1654hz Nvidia G-Sync) VA
2.) Lenovo Y27G (30-1654hz Nvidia G-Sync) VA
3.) Acer XB241H (30-144hz Nvidia G-Sync) TN
4.) Asus PG248Q (30-144hz Nvidia G-Sync with slightly over-saturated colors) TN
5.) AOC G2460PG (30-144hz Nvidia G-Sync) TN

The Acer and Lenovo use VA panels with more color streaking and smearing than TN panels, but are still very fast, have neglgible input lag, more vibrant and even colors than TN panels, 2.5x higher contrast or darker black, and non-restrictive viewing angles.

It has been alleged that tha AOC G2460PG was changed and has worse image quality than the units tested in 2014. I can not confirm this due to the lack of colorimeter measurements and reviews.

The BenQ XL2420G has been discontinued and used to cost significantly more than the rest, but it offers very similar performance once it is switched from the horrible FPS preset to the Standard picture mode.
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