Author Topic: Best 144-165hz 1080p Monitors  (Read 41559 times)


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iiyama GB2788HS

Review by Les Numeriques
Review by PRAD

The iiyama GB2788HS from their G-Master series uses a matte 144hz AUO TN panel with negligible input lag, fast pixel response times (Overdrive 0 & +1), AMD Free-Sync and accurate color presets, but has low sRGB color space coverage for a modern TN (90%) and the typical TN panel flaws (restrictive viewing angles and color vibrancy and color even-ess reducing vertical gamma shift).

iiyama G3266HS

Review by Les Numeriques

Curved matte 1080p VA panel with 48-144hz AMD Free-Sync and a perceived black depth increasing matte grey bezel, Displayport, Dual-Link DVI, HDMI, VGA and 3.5mm Audio In & Out.  It's fairly accurate aside from the preset blue tint (8000k meausred color temperature) which can be improved by selected the Hot.Warm color temperature setting.
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