Author Topic: Best 144-165hz 1080p Monitors  (Read 78461 times)


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Lenovo Y27G

Review by IT Hardware PL
Review by Les Numeriques

The Lenovo Y27G uses a VA panel with more vibrant colors than TN panels, higher contrast (2,700:1) than AHVA/IPS/PLS and TN, and less glow than all previously mentioned panel types, but VA panels suffer from horizontal gamma shift and slight black crush in the center. The Lenovo has Displayport (required for G-Sync), HDMI, a fully adjustable stand and 4x USB 3.0.

The Lenovo has fairly accurate color presets, but comes with low preset gamma (1.8 average which makes colors washed out), but can be improved to a 2.1 nearly linear average by setting the gamma setting to 2.5 in the OSD.  Turn off Adaptive Contrast, and Set the Overdrive to Off to get of dark color and shade flickering and ghosting.

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