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AOC 240hz
« on: July 02, 2018, 07:39:16 pm »


Measurements and Review by Belgium Hardware
Review By IT Hardware Poland
Review By Les Numeriqes (terrible contrast and preset gamma)
Review By Sweclockers
Review By Tomís Hardware

The AOC uses a 240hz matte 6 bit +FRC AUO TN panel with AMD Free-Sync, suffers from the typical contrast and gamma lottery (TFT Central set the gamma from Mode 1 to 3), but has accurate preset RGB levels, especially the unit tested by Belgium Hardware. The AOC has very fast pixel response times with zero overshoot ghosting when the overdrive setting is set to Medium.

The AOC has mediocre image quality due to its low preset gamma and sRGB color space coverage (89% out of the box and 91.1% after calibration).


Review By PC Monitors

Very accurate matte 240hz 6 bit +FRC AUO TN panel with Nvidia G-Sync.
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