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@NCX Sorry for the late reply, but thank you so much for all the resources and recommendations!!! Ordered the LG 27UL550 :)

Reading back over that, I'm definitely willing to use the full $600 for better picture quality. I'm not just strangely obsessed with monitor chassis. I tried out the BenQ GW2470ML back in November 2017 (it's taken me a while to get the money and time for monitor research, haha) as a value option, but the entire picture seemed slightly faded, like it had a thin white sheet over the real colors, that made me end up returning it. I've been postponing any visually appealing content since (a few Blu-rays, Triple A games, ect.).

I'm looking for a monitor for console gaming (xbox one x) and watching cartoons. A while back I had my eye on the Hp 24 Envy , but by the time I got around to buying it, I couldn't find it anywhere. Even sized/symmetrical bezels are important to me in a display, and I also liked the fact that the display didn't have too big or distracting of a logo or lights on the front, despite it's lack of external bezel messing with the perceived black depth. I saw earlier in this thread you had some 4K recommendations for someone with a similar question, and that got me wondering if the switch from 1080 to 4k is worth the price jump and the trade off of glossy to matte? I've got a budget of around $600, and have been looking at around $200-$400. I'll be using the monitor in dark/dim conditions about 50% of the time, and won't be playing any content above 60fps. I hadn't really given size too much thought, as long as it's not tiny, but fits on a desk (I'll be using it from 3-4+ feet away on console). My use of low frame rates and appreciation of gloss screens and symmetry make me consider going for a small T.V.?, but I fear it's compatibility and input delay when using it with a P.C. Any suggestions come to mind :) ?

P.S. (Sorry if I formatted something strange, not much experience with forums. And thanks in advance for the advice!)

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