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Really weird (or stupid xD ) idea-question: to achieve a "glossy" coating over a matte monitor, would something like the "Displex Scratch Remover" do anything good?

Someone made an Acer XB271HU glossy accidentally with scratch remover, but have not seen this process repeated; there's no surefire way to make the fake bezel/frame-less panels glossy, and often those who try the distilled water + paper towel method end up removing the polarizer and ruining their display. 
That's a curious result on the post; weird people has not found a method to do it "safely", although not sure how that can look in real life :D .
Thanks ;) .

Really weird (or stupid xD ) idea-question: to achieve a "glossy" coating over a matte monitor, would something like the "Displex Scratch Remover" do anything good?

I've read someone that applied it to a matte monitor (to fix a scratch) and turned it a bit glossy. Not really sure what is that made of and probably you'll need a lot of the "paste", but as you are a glossy lover maybe you attempted something like that. I highly doubt i would ever try myself but just curious.

(most likely there is not really any product that can "paint" a glossy coating but the comment i read made me curious, you never really know if they invented something -probably not xD -)

Thanks anyway ;) .

The grainy look of my HP 25er fixed itself, but now instead of one horizontal blue line, I have 2. Still very usable, but something obviously is failing. Only 13,000 backlight hours. Out of warranty. I wouldn't expect HP to help me given that I bought this in early 2017.
I would ask HP support, maybe they can be of any help anyway.

Buying a  240hz + monitor for 60fps is a waste of money and TN panel text is arguably less sharp since the matte coating most use is granier than AHVA/IPS/PLS

Well, i hope to reach at least to +100fps (once i get a new PC with a 1660 Super), but maybe on newer ones or new-console-ports ones i cannot discard the fact of playing at lower fps (and more considering that i tend to not upgrade PCs on a lot of time). Maybe something like the AOC 24G2U is good enough, but if buying something more expensive gives you some king of improvement-advantage, maybe it can be considered an investment.

Actually i'd love to find a monitor that causes me no eye strain and i can use comfortably for hours; by finding one of these i think all other features can be less important.

But how do you find that? I've been told that the HP x27i (no reviews or videos) gives (him) no eye strain compared to many other IPS 1440p monitors, why? no idea xD . Maybe the coating, the brightness, the colours, the blur (and seems it can be any of these for different person xD ).

Guess the only way is try them :D .

Thank you for your help ;) .

...It's important to find out which monitors people are comparing the "less-sharp" gaming monitors to and if they have Windows Clear Type on or Off.
True, maybe that can be the reason but find weird how common is in the comments.
Most older monitors (especially TN and CCFL back-lit monitors) use a coating similar to that of the Acer KG271.
I look at these text samples but as KG271 says "
it doesn't truly show just how terrible this coating really is" so hard to tell from these :D. Also, despite of ligh or grainy seems not all uses the exact same.

240hz+ monitors are a waste of money if not able to achieve 200fps+, especially if after sharper text.
I've been told (asking on blur busters forums) that using a 240Hz monitor set at 240Hz on Windows if you play at 60fps it will look the same than on a 60Hz monitor, and with VRR it will have several advantages like less lag. Not sure if worth it futureproof, and for games that can have higher fps.

Also, sharp text is important but i want the best of both worlds; yeah, pretty hard xD.


EDIT: I've been looking for the XL2411P as seems to be popular and has strobing at 60hz, but lacks fron VRR. As i said, too hard to choose :D.

Fantastic answer! Thank you ;) .
27" 1080p a 24-25" or higher resolution 27" monitor if 27" 1080p text isn't sharp enough.  I find 27" 1080p tolerable if viewed from 75cm/2.5ft away, but only for gaming and watching content since I've been using 2x 27" 1440p monitors since 2012.
From comments, even 24" 1080p text is blurry on "gaming" monitors (or "new" as many claim older monitors are sharper, i wonder why), and not 100% sure but some of the "144hz IPS 1440p gaming" monitors, does not seem to have sharp text either (as i said not sure and maybe i'm mixing comments :D ).

They're made for 200fps+ gaming...The high input lag is in-excuse-able, but only applies to 60hz or if Free-Sync is enabled and the frame-rate drops significantly under 100fps.
So, if i think i will most likelly play under 100fps on games (maybe even under 60fps, 30-50, when my pc -that i have no yet xD - has aged) getting either the ASUS vg279qm or the Viewsonic XG270 would be WAY worse experience that getting a cheaper 60-75-144Hz monitor, right?

Can't they just do under 3 models for each brand? xD

Thanks again ;) .

I have 5x VG279QM reviews linked to on the site.  It's matte.  =DEAD= and PRAD and the youtube review you linked to also have macro photos of the coating in their reviews.  From the video

Monitor Macro Coating Photo by Dr NCX, on Flickr[/center]
Thank you, thought it could  be something in-between because these "from side" reflections.

Wish there were more info about matte monitors apart of "light coating" or "grainy" to easily check the kind you want :D  .

Thank you ;) .

Edit: is there enough info to compare the vg279qm with the Viewsonic XG270? (If they ever upgrade the Asus to have better blur at lower refresh rates i think i can be better?).

Edit 2: is it me or monitors good for games usually have blurry text? (a lot of comments about this when looking for user opinions)

Edit 3 (sorry) : there is a real problem with these high refresh +200 monitor when used with 60hz games? I highly doubt i can mantain +100 fps for many or any years... Why so difficult? :D

Maybe you can find this interesting or maybe you can give me more info if you have been able to check yourself, but i'm looking the ASUS VG279QM, is pretty new so i'm looking for videos, and the coating is supposed to be matte but i find it to pretty reflective when it's showed by its sides best example .

Maybe is just the videos, but by looking at my TV LG 32LD420 (not sure what coating it has but it can be watched with light on), i find it has that kind of reflections (it is IPS and the image, although with blur, is really clean and clear).

Maybe i will try to test myself, although is a bit expensive and based on reviews the blur and backlight strobing can be bad at low FPS.

99.9% of monitors are matte, and I check monitor news, releases and reviews every week.  Dell and HP list their glossy-type monitors as Low Haze in the Display Features section of the specifications.


Eve has per-orders for 20% haze (matte are 25% haze, gloss are <2% and semi-glossy are 4-10%) monitors which are scheduled for later this year
Glossy monitors seem to be really reflective for me or my room, i wonder the % of the PDC or old CRTs.

About Eve, never heard about them but i wonder how 20% will be.

I'm trying to find a matte monitor with a clean and clear coating=almost impossible xD . I need one because i need a new PC too and i don't want to use the CRT i'm using right now xD . But by looking at photos or videos is hard to choose xD.

Even looking at an ASUS tuf vg279qm, or a Viewsonic XG270 that seem to be the "best" can't see if i can like them :D .

Thanks again ;) .

I'll keep looking monitors at its sides to try to find a clean and clear coating :D (or try to find videos showing the "extreme" viewing anlges to see the coating :D ).


Could you, please,  share the  "<5 1080p glossy options"

Low Haze/almost glossy HP 25 & 27er, 25 & 27es, HP 25f, and the Qnix UHD32R (order from Korea or Ebay; it looks grainy when viewed slightly off angle, has low contrast and poor, back-light bleed inducing build quality); I tested all of them aside from the 27 versions of the er and es monitors, and they're featured in the photo albums I linked to in my last post.  They're less reflective than the semi-glossy Dells and HP 24 Envy, but still very glossy.

Dell S2419H which uses the same coating as the S2718D and HP 24 Envy (discontinued)

HP 24 Envy Coating Comparison[/url] by Deepinthesky Teslastorm, on Flickr

Left: HP 24 Envy (Semi-Glossy)
Center:HP 25er/es (Low Haze / Almost Glossy)
Right:Viewsonic VP2780-4k (Matte)[/center]

More almost-glossy vs semi-glossy vs matte coating comparisons

The forum only supports url shortened Youtube links for some reason.

Both Dell and HP usually sell a few glossy monitors which come out by October at the latest, so maybe consider waiting since all of the above monitors except the 25f are over 2 years old, which is the typical replacement time frame.
Thanks for the detailed answer.

Is a shame no more PDC are made as these glossy or semi-glossy seem too reflective for a well lit room like mine (maybe PDC are unusable here too, but we'll never know it seems :D ).

Just out of curiosity, do OLED TVs use PDC? They look glossy but not like mirrors. (i wonder how a TN could look on a PDC :D ).

Guess i'll have to wait for the October release or just search any other monitor with the less ugly coating i can find :D .

Thank you for the answers ;) .

The 5K iiyama XB2779QQS (Europe only) and Planar IX2790 (US only; I tested one) and imacs are the only displays with PDC in production still, and both the iiyama and Planar are 60hz monitors with a 28ms delay, and use native DCI-P3 panels which over-saturate SDR (HDTV/REC 709 & sRGB) color by 35% if not used with graphics cards (AMD cards have a Radeon Control panel setting), operating systems (Mac), or programs (Photoshop) which support color management.  There are no glossy monitors above 1080p right now either, and there <5 1080p glossy options.

It may be possible to buy the semi-glossy Dell S2718D from 2018 in Europe, but it looks grainy when viewed slightly off angle.

I also want a glossy high hz monitor for gaming, but they don't exist.

Quote from: rasmas
do you have more photos

I have a Crossover 2755AMG and an album of Planar PXL2790MW photos I took a few years.  The Planar can be compared to multiple other types of coatings in my Destiny Red Titan, The Order 1886 Lights Off and Lights On albums.  It appears brighter since it has a high minimum brightness of 170cdm/2 (the other monitors are set to 140cdm/2), and it has silver duct tape on it since I had to put a new panel in it.
Thank you for the answer ;) .
5K is a bit too much (1080p would be enough for me :D ) and the Dell S2718D seems too glossy for me (PDC seems glossy but without reflections, if that makes sense xD ).

Could you, please,  share the  "<5 1080p glossy options" just to check videos (if you don't have the list, don't worry, i'll try to search myself).

Thanks for the photo albums, i'll save them as i will try to identify possible PDC monitors, just on photos or videos.

Also, by looking at this video of the HP 25f (https://www(.)  i "feel" it simillar to PDC, can it be something inbetween or ... ? (looks pretty clean, right?) I was going to get it to try but unfortunatelly 25f is not available and the 27f seems to have a very different coating by looking at their sides ( https://www(.) .
Maybe asking HP could tell me similar models, but usually they know even less that me :D .

If i can't find any to try i will convince myself that i would have hated these xD (although now i'm using a bad old CRT and i like it "more", despite its problems, than new monitors :D ).

Thanks for your help, if i ever can find something, as you like these too, i'll share here ;) .

P.S. Sorry had to break the youtube links because i could not make them show as links :) .


After reading your articles and watching your videos about Plasma Deposition Coating monitors, i think that maybe that kind of coating could be what i'm looking for.

Do you have or know any updated list of monitors using that coating? or could you tell me any way to find-search for these? or an easy way to differentiate these from "normal" glossy ones (maybe by looking at online photos and videos)?

I hate glossy monitors but the matte coatings seems to add a brown-yellow layer (I see that by looking at their sides -thought was just the bad TN viewing angles, but IPS seems to have them too-) that i'm suspecting that could cause me eye strain (if that makes sense); and after reading comments of the old, unavailable monitor Iiyama Prolite XB2779QS-1 where people had a window just in front and claimed that had no reflections, i think i'd like to test these PDC by myself on my room conditions (i have a window to the right of my monitor and often the Sun hits directly, or in desktop just next to it).

My "perfect" Plasma Deposition Coating would be: 1080p; +120hz; good input lag; good ghosting; a good backlight strobing mode; sharp text; bright enough for a room with direct (or close in desktop) Sun light. But at the end if is good at my eyes for games and text, i won't care about refresh rates or technical data :D .

I want it for games, but i do office-internet stuff (maybe 50% each, but i think i prefer to lean to the "games" part as sometimes i get eye strain that can lead to motion sickness and i can deal with text better than with games).

Also, as i'd like to know more about these, do you have more photos (and videos?) of the PDC monitors you have tested? (maybe in different light conditions, with direct light of a window or something, by their sides, comparing to more monitors, etc...)

Hope you can help me because, either i don't know how to search or there is almost no info of that kind of coating (some glossy "here and there" but no idea if they are PDC) or there are really few models using that coating.

Thank you very much in advance ;) .

P.S. I want to buy it on (Spain) because if i don't like it i can easily return it, so if you can help me find some PDC monitors there i will greatly appreciate it :) .

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