Author Topic: Acer XF240H Review & Viewsonic XG2402 Review: 144hz 1080p Matte TN Panels with AMD-Free-Sync  (Read 8203 times)


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Viewsonic XG2402 Performance Summary
« Reply #15 on: September 14, 2018, 02:20:14 am »
Viewsonic XG2402 Performance Summary

DSC_0053 by Deepinthesky Teslastorm, on Flick


+Sturdy materials and no build quality issues
+Fully adjustable stand
+Displayport and multiple HDMI inputs
+48-144hz AMD Free-Sync
+Negligible ghosting or overdrive issues at both 60 and 144hz once the overdrive setting is changed
+Negligible input lag
+Average image quality for a TN panel out of the box
+Only suffers from minor gamma loss or washout at 144hz
+Excellent image quality for a TN panel after calibration
+Full HDTV/REC 709 and sRGB color space coverage
+Ability to save different menu/image quality settings

-Reduced contrast, gamma and uniformity at optimal 144hz refresh rate versus 60hz
-Obvious loss of black depth/contrast and uniformity at 144hz versus 60hz
-Skewed preset gamma and gamma settings which cause light colors and shades to be too dark and dull
-Skewed preset RGB levels which require an ICC profile to get rid of blue tinted dark colors and shades (0-30% white)
-ICC Profile required to get good image quality for a TN panel
-Stuck red pixel in the middle-center-right
-Black matte bezel reduces perceived black depth versus the XG2401's grey bezel
-Best overdrive setting not selected by default
-Need to use different calibration settings for 60hz and 144hz
-Banding in very dark content

? Over-abundance of menu settings including many useless settings
? Over-abundance of awful color presets

I did not list the TN panel's very restrictive viewing angles and dull and uneven colors from top to bottom as negatives since these flaws are often givens when buying a TN panel, as well as unavoidable.
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