Author Topic: Dell S2719DGF Review: Matte 27" 2560x1440 144hz AUO TN Panel with AMD Free-Sync  (Read 13185 times)


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DSC_0379 by Deepinthesky Teslastorm, on Flickr

? Unavoidable flaws

+Dell customer service and warranty
+Sturdy materials and no build quality issues
+Fully adjustable stand
+Simple and easy to use menu[
+Displayport, 2x HDMI Inputs (1x HDMI 2.0), 4x USB 3.0
+48-155hz AMD Free-Sync
+Grain, haze and sparkle free matte coating
+Lack of obvious image quality loss when switched from 60 to 144hz
+Balanced 144-155hz overdrive with no obvious color streaking of overshoot ghosting
+Very accurate and linear preset RGB accuracy resulting in pure and color tint free greys and white
+Very minimal banding vs most TN panels and the Dell S2417DG and S2716DG
+Forgiving vertical viewing angles for a TN panel
+No obvious back-light bleed, glow or color uniformity issues

-Obvious image quality difference between HDMI and Displayport
-Very low Displayport gamma (1.9) resulting in obviously washed out image quality
-Gamma drops at 155hz resulting in more washed out image quality
-Displayport and HDMI image quality differences
-Perceived black depth decreasing black bezel
-Low 700:1 contrast after calibration
-Slow 60hz pixel response times for a TN panel

? TN panel with vertical gamma shift
? TN panel with very restrictive viewing angles
? HDMI cable included instead of Displayport

TN panels are by far my least favorite type of LCD panel, I cringe when I seriously consider testing them, but I must note my partial surprise at the improvements the S2719DGF offers.  The improvements the S2719DGF offers are the completely grain and sparkle free matte coating, reduced banding in dark scenes, and the very accurate color presets (RGB balance) which provided pure, or tint free greys and whites, which only high end professional oriented monitors like my Viewsonic VP2780-4K usually offer.  The improvements the S2719DGF offers are smacked down by the low preset gamma and 60hz overdrive performance, though the low gamma is clearly far more important.  The S2719DGF comes close to being an above average TN panel, but the washed out colors caused by the low preset gamma can't be forgiven since it lacks gamma settings to raise the gamma unlike Ace, AOC, LG and Viewsonic 144hz+ TN panels which can have two settings to both lower and raise the gamma.  I vastly prefer the calibrated image quality of the S2719DGF to the 144hz 1080p Acer XF240H and Viewsonic XG2402 I recently tested, however I think both are a better value since there are no 144hz AHVA/IPS/PLS panels available in the same price range.

I highly recommend saving up an addition 100-150$ for an Acer XF270HUA, Asus MG279Q, Nixeus Edge 27 or Pixio PX277H which all use 144hz AHVA (marketed as IPS) panels with AMD Free-Sync. 

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