Author Topic: HP 24 Envy Review: Semi-Glossy 1080p IPS with 75hz & AMD Free-Sync  (Read 2917 times)


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Xbox 360 & Xbox One

DSC_0559 by Deepinthesky Teslastorm, on Flickr

The HP 25-27 CW/er/es/f and 24 Envy monitors scale 1280x720 and 1920x1080 without issue, but the Xbox 360 must have its YCbCR709's setting selected to prevent the image from being washed out since the other settings send a 16-235 signal.

Xbox 360
Spoiler (hover to show)

Xbox One & Xbox One X

The HP 25f automatically reads both the Limited (16-235) and Full (PC RGB 0-255) signals sent out by the Xbox One and Xbox One X, and supports Free-Sync with the One S and One X if the Free-Sync setting is selected (Color Control Menu>Viewing Modes>Gaming FreeSync), and if the Allow variable refresh rate setting is selected in the Xbox One S and X's Display & sound Advanced video modes menu.  Here's how to access this setting:

Quote from: Xbox One FreeSync and Variable Refresh Rates: Everything you need to know by Matt Brown

1.) Open the Settings app on Xbox One.
2.) Navigating to the Display & sound tab.
3.) Select the Video output tile.
4.) Select Video modes.
5.) Enable the Variable Refresh Rates checkbox.

Source=Xbox One FreeSync and Variable Refresh Rates: Everything you need to know by Matt Brown
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Settings & ICC Profile

DSC_0446 by Deepinthesky Teslastorm, on Flickr

Brightness 55
Red 251
Green 253
Blue 224

ICC Profile

Use Color Sustainer to ensure games use ICC profiles.
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DSC_0551 by Deepinthesky Teslastorm, on Flickr

+Displayport, HDMI & USB-C ports
+Comes with cables for each video output as well as a VESA adapter
+AMD Free-Sync and native 75hz support
+Semi-Glossy coating is completely grain free and enhances clarity and color vibrancy
+Accurate and vibrant color presets
+99% sRGB/REC 709 color space coverage
+Excellent calibrated image quality and out-of-the-box image quality
+Accurate and neutral image quality without over-saturation and only marginal under-saturation
+Wide viewing angles
+Very minimal IPS glow when the brightness is not cranked in a dark room
+Overdrive provides fast pixel response times for a 60hz non-TN panel without strong overshoot (Level 2)
+Negligible input lag

-<1mm thick black vertical lines visible when viewing light blue and orange
-Minor preset blue and green dominance
-Gamma is slightly too high
-Semi-Glossy coating looks washed out under bright lighting
-Border-less casing has an inner black bezel which reduces the perceived black depth
-Overdrive settings are a bit too aggressive and cause overshoot ghosting

The 24 Envy is an excellent budget monitor for those who want good image quality and are not willing to pay significantly more for a 144hz monitor, or are like me and dislike both TN and VA panels.  Slightly more accurate matte 1080p IPS panels exist, including models like the Dell SE2717H which supports 75hz and AMD Free-Sync, but it along with other great matte IPS panels like the XUB2492HSU-B1, Eizo 2451 and Philips 257E7QDSB don't have a color vibrancy and clarity enhancing coating, though they all look better than the 24 Envy in brightly lit rooms.

The HP monitors are my favorite budget monitors of all time since they offer excellent all around performance at a low price, as well as calibrated image quality I find preferable to far more expensive gaming monitors like the matte Acer XB321HK which has equally flawed out-of-the-box color accuracy despite costing five times more.  I also prefer the HP monitors to all of the 144hz 1440p AHVA panel using G-Sync monitors which are marketed as IPS panels.  I tested three of four of, the three being the Acer XB271HU, Asus PG279Q and Viewsonic XG2703-GS.  The preset color accuracy of the HP monitors is superior to all of these since they're all too green, and are a bit washed out due to their low average gamma.  Even after calibration I still prefer the HP monitors since they have less glow than the 27" AUO AHVA panels, have color vibrancy and clarity enhancing matte coatings, and don't purposefully over-saturate green like the 27" 1440p AUO AHVA panels do.  The Acer 4K AUO AHVA panel using XB321HK offers better calibrated image quality than the HP monitors, as well as suffers from less glow, but its matte coating prevents it from being able to match the vibrancy and clarity of the HP monitors.

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