Author Topic: HP 25er & 25es Review: Almost-Glossy 1080p LG AH-IPS  (Read 2267 times)


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HP 25er 26
by Deepinthesky Teslastorm, on Flickr

+Low price
+Stable stand
+Two HDMI inputs and one VGA input
+Low Haze or Almost-Glossy coating is completely grain free and enhances clarity and color vibrancy
+High contrast for a non-VA panel
+Accurate and vibrant color presets
+Larger color gamut provides more vibrant colors than most other 1080p IPS/PLS panels made before 2015
+Excellent calibrated image quality and out-of-the-box image quality
+Accurate and neutral image quality without over-saturation and only marginal under-saturation
+Wide viewing angles
+Very minimal IPS glow when the brightness is not cranked in a dark room
+Video Overdrive Level 2 significantly speeds up the pixel response times without obvious overshoot ghosting
+Negligible input lag

-Green tinted greys unless contrast is dropped from 80 to 75
-Minor preset green tint after Contrast reduction
-Does not overclock to 75hz like the CW/XW 2015 HP monitors
-Frame-less casing has an inner black bezel which reduces the perceived black depth
-Gamma rises and slightly darkens the colors when the color controls are unlocked
-Not VESA Compliant without the purchase of a VESA adapter

The HP 25er/es is makes a few improvements over the 25-27CW/XW monitors from 2015. These improvements include slightly more accurate color presets and the ability to correctly read 0-255 and 16-235 RGB signals sent over HDMI automatically and correctly. The HP er/es series monitors also have slightly slimmer casings, but can not be overclocked to 75hz like the CW/XW monitors, and have the same grey and white bleaching issue as the the CW/XW monitors which can be corrected by reducing the contrast from 80 to 75.

The HP 25er/es have nearly identical pixel response times as the CW/XW monitors which are competitive with 60hz TN panels and the fastest 60hz IPS/PLS competitors, negligible input lag and the same excellent Almost-Glossy/Low Haze coating as the 25-27CW/XW monitors which is equally and clear and vibrant as a glossy coating, as well as less reflective. The 25er/es have very accurate color presets suitable for non-professional work and providing users with the most vibrant and accurate viewing experience a budget display can provide, and image quality on par with displays which cost significantly more both before and after calibration. Aside from not overclocking and the grey and white bleaching the HP 25er/es have no real flaws since all modern competitors use frame-less casings.

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