Author Topic: LG 27UL550 Review: Matte 3840x2160 LG AH-IPS with AMD Free-Sync  (Read 7798 times)


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LG 27UL550 Glow 1 by Dr NCX, on Flickr

LG 27UL550 Glow 2 by Dr NCX, on Flickr

When set to 140cdm/2 and when viewed with only a single light source, my ceiling light, a 2200 lumen (brightness) 6500K LED by Anmien, IPS glow is not visible unless viewing the monitor from above, or significantly off angle, which is quite rare for AHVA/IPS/PLS panels.  The 27UL550 also suffers from significantly less glow than most AHVA/IPS/PLS panels aside from the low glow 32" 4K AUO AHVA panels in monitors like the BenQ PD3200U and Qnix UHD3216R, and the low glow AHVA panel in the Monoprice 274K or RTD2795.  The 27UL550 is not glow free, but it has wider viewing angles and suffers from less glow than my Acer H257HU (1440p AH-IPS), ViewSonic VP2780-4K (4K LG AH-IPS), and gloss X-Star DP2710 (1440p Samsung PLS), as well as is almost on par with the low glow 32" 4K AUO AHVA panels and the low glow AHVA panel in the Monoprice 274K or RTD2795 I tested in 2017, so I consider it to be an above average AHVA/IPS/PLS panel glow and viewing angle wise. None of this applies if not viewed properly with the brightness cranked in a light-less or very dimly lit room.

Correct Way To View AHVA/IPS/PLS & VA

Correct Monitor Viewing Height by Dr NCX, on Flickr

The top left image shows the correct way to view IPS type (AHVA, IPS, PLS) and VA panels, but most importantly IPS LCD panels.  Doing so vastly reduces white glow when viewing black and dark content, especially if the display brightness is not cranked in a dimly lit room.  IPS vs TN: Right & Wrong Ways To Use Or View; How To Vastly Reduce AHVA/IPS/PLS Glow & Vastly Increase The Perceived Black Depth
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