Author Topic: Qnix UHD32R Review: 4K Glossy* AUO AHVA Panel with AMD Free-Sync  (Read 2514 times)


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The Right Set Up
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Settings & ICC Profile

DSC_0164 by Deepinthesky Teslastorm, on Flickr

Brightness 18
Color Settings>Color Temperature>User:
Red 49
Green 42
Blue 40
Picture Quality Settings>Response Time Off or On depending on preference

ICC Profile

Use Color Sustainer to ensure games use ICC profiles.

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Impure Gold
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Check out my Qnix UHD32R Photo Album with over 100 photos.

+Displayport, HDMI x4 and 3.5mm Audio Out
+Stable stand unlike some competing 32" 4K Korean monitors
+Silver casing increases perceived black depth
+40-60hz AMD Free-Sync
+Glossy* coating is completely grain free when sitting directly in front, and enhances clarity and color vibrancy
+Accurate and vibrant preset color accuracy
+99% sRGB/REC 709 color space coverage
+Excellent calibrated image quality
+Accurate and neutral image quality with only marginal over-saturation
+Wide viewing angles
+Very minimal AHVA glow when the brightness is not cranked in a dark room
+Negligible input lag

-Very thin panel casing barely supports the panel
-Front bezel and casing put pressure on the panel and causes back-light light bleed
-Multiple spots of obvious back-light bleed
-Inner black bezel reduces the perceived black depth
-Some grain visible when viewing glossy coating off angle horizontally
-Overdrive performance forces one to choose between slow (versus the best 60hz 32") pixel response or some obvious overshoot ghosting
-Lack of proper warranty
-Unable to be easily returned and exchanged

? Additional HDMI 2.0 for 3840x2160 @60hz preferable over 3x HDMI 1.4a

The Qnix UHD32R must be ordered from South Korea and lacks a proper warranty, or the ability to be easily returned and exchanged, however these flaws are reflected in the significantly lower price versus big brand 32" 4K AHVA/IPS/PLS panels.  The build quality is also poor since the monitor casing is very thin, barely supports the panel, as well as is designed in a way which puts pressure on the panel and causes back-light bleed.  The last major flaw is the overdrive performance which forces one to choose between slow pixel response times (Response Time Off) versus the best 60hz AHVA/IPS/PLS panels, which there are many of, or some obvious overshoot ghosting (Response Time On).  The UHD32R is even slow compared to Qnix's previous 32" 4K monitor, the UHD3216R I tested in 2016.  The last major flaw is the preset green dominance, which is worse than the dominance the UHD3216R suffered from but par for the course for most non-professionally oriented monitors, included far more expensive 32" 4K monitors such as the Acer XB321HK with Nvidia G-Sync.
Currently (Junly 27th 2018) UHD32R's only big brand glossy* competitor is the HP 32 Spectre I tested in 2015 which suffers from a similar preset green tint, lacks AMD Free-Sync, has much higher input lag (20ms vs  less than 3ms), as well as can not display Blu-Ray properly when played back through an external device such as the PS4.  The HP Spectre 32 is a better choice for casual gaming and media viewing if using a PC since it has much better build quality and can be easily returned and exchanged in most countries.

The UHD32R is a flawed monitor, but it is still a good monitor, as well as one of my favorites since it uses a clarity and vibrancy enhancing glossy* coated AHVA panel with low glow and no color dulling gamma shift.  The UHD32R also has negligible input lag and can display Blu-Ray properly which is very important to me since I play console games often, as well as use them (PS4 Pro & Xbox One S) for Blu-Ray and Netflix viewing to avoid PC related lag. While not up to par with the best AHVA/IPS/PLS panels, including 150$ panels, the overdrive performance is passable and adequate enough for my console gaming (I use an overclocked 96hz 1440p PLS panel for PC gaming). 

Matte 32" 4K AHVA/IPS/PLS panels such as the Acer XB321HK (better for PC gaming), BenQ PD3200U and LG 32UD99 are definitely better, but they cost more and can not match the vibrancy and clarity of a glossy panel which brings panels alive, and are worth sacrificing a bit of performance for.
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