Author Topic: Monoprice 27" 4K RTD2795 IPS Review: Matte 27" 3840x2160 AHVA with AMD Free-Sync  (Read 3042 times)


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Brightness & Contrast

M274K B & C by Deepinthesky Teslastorm, on Flickr

The brightness ranges between 46.5-348.7cdm/2 which makes it suitable for all lighting conditions aside from the brightest, such as outside on a sunny day or in an office with lots of windows on a bright sunny day. The 1210:1 contrast is above average (1500:1 is outstanding while 1200:1 is great) for a modern AHVA/IPS/PLS panel, but too low for use in a light-less room, especially if the brightness is set above 25 (100cdm/2).

Like most AHVA/IPS/PLS panels released since 2012, the Monoprice 274K has fake frame-less casing with an inner black bezels or frames which reduces the perceived black depth, or makes black look light (greyish) by comparison. Bright room lighting and bias lighting (lamp placed behind the display) can be used to negate the need for reflection inducing room lights, and vastly increase the perceived black depth. I recommend using a 2600 lumen bias light with displays set to 140cdm/2.

Note that AHVA/IPS/PLS contrast is highly viewing angle dependent unlike TN panels. The top of AHVA/IPS/PLS panels must line up with the top of the viewers head or be higher to not be viewed "off-angle", and to reduce glow. AHVA/IPS/PLS panels exhibit obvious glow if viewed from the same position as a TN panel which must be looked down upon.