Author Topic: Monoprice 27" 4K RTD2795 IPS Review: Matte 27" 3840x2160 AHVA with AMD Free-Sync  (Read 3061 times)


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HCFR Gamma Measurements
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HCFR RGB Levels Measurements
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HCFR Color Temperature Measurements
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HCFR Color Gamut Measurements
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The Monoprice is preset to the Standard Color Effect, 6500K Temperature and Off Gamma setting. Only the Temperature setting needs to be changed to Warm to achieve the best or most accurate results.

The Monoprice 274K offers fairly accurate color presets out of the box, assuming one wants a BT 1886 type gamma curve instead of an sRGB or linear 2.2 gamma curve. Colors are close to being as accurate and vibrant as they should be, as is shadow detail, and the monitor offers multiple gamma settings for those who want to change the gamma from a BT 1886 curve to more linear gamma which can be set both low and high.

The problems come from the obvious preset green tint which is quite strong when viewing white and some grey shades, but it can be vastly reduced by changing the Temperature setting in the Color Menu to Warm. The second issue arises when changing the gamma setting to 2.2 since it increases the gamma significantly above 2.2 while the 2.0 setting comes very close to offering linear 2.2 gamma. The third issue comes when changing the gamma setting since it throws the Red, Grey and Blue grey scale and color temperature off a bit, and I was unable to correct it using only the color controls in the menu.

Taking the issues mentioned above into account, the Monprice 274K can still be considered to have quite accurate color presets suitable for all but professional color accuracy related use. The green tint can be used by using the Warm setting and the gamma curve and be changed to nearly be 2.2 linear. Other settings can be changed along with the preset mode (Color Effect in the menu), but changing anything else reduces the color accuracy.

Destiny 2 Menu Un-Calibrated
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Warm Color Temperature Preset
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Calibrated with Menu Settings
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Viewsonic VP2780-4K Menu Calibrated
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Destiny 2 Menu Un-Calibrated & Calibrated Monitor Gallery

If I had to assign a value I would give the 274K a 85% rating since it is quite accurate, has above average contrast and less glow than some of the 27" 4K IPS panel using competitors like my significantly more expensive Viewsonic VP2780-4K. While slightly more accurate than the Monoprice, I would give the Acer XB321HK I tested a lower since it costs significantly more than most non-professional oriented (Eizo/NEC) 32" 4K monitors, including the Qnix UHD3216R which costs half as much, but is significantly more accurate than both the Acer and Monoprice. It has its downsides though, such has the high input lag (30ms) when connected to a console, near 1 frame of lag when connected to a PC (Free-Sync menu setting turned on), lacks a proper warranty and can not be returned and exchanged easily since it can only be ordered from South Korean sellers on places like Amazon, eBay and New Egg.

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