Author Topic: Qnix UHD32R Review: 4K Glossy* AUO AHVA Panel with AMD Free-Sync  (Read 1619 times)


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Neither Osiris Nor I See Glow
« on: July 27, 2018, 01:09:43 am »

When set at the right height (top lines up with the top of the viewers head or is higher) no white glow can be seen* when viewing dark content, which is a rarity for AHVA/IPS/PLS panels since even the slightest off angle head movements result in white glow in the bottom corners being obvious.  All five of the 32" 4K AHVA panels I tested suffered from far less glow than 99% of AHVA/IPS/PLS panels aside from high end professional oriented monitors (Eizo) with A-TW polarizers and the glow free 2560x1440 Samsung LTM270DL06 PLS panel in my Qnix QX2710.   

Low glow 32" AHVA panels are the best all around monitors for watching content since VA panels suffer from horizontal gamma shift and black crush in the center which is obvious when viewing them slightly off center.  The UHD32R's silver bezel further helps reducing glow and low contrast perception LCD black looks darker compared to silver and grey than it does versus pure black bezels.

*Seen with my monitor brightness (140cdm/2 display brightness) and room lighting (2600 lumen 6500k ceiling light).
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