Author Topic: Samsung S32F351 Review & Curved Samsung C32F391 Review: Glossy* 1920x1080 VA Panels  (Read 1806 times)


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DSC_2264 by Deepinthesky Teslastorm, on Flickr

+Sturdy glossy white casing which vastly increases the perceived black depth
+Stable stand unlike some competing 32" monitors
+C32F391 40-60hz AMD Free-Sync
+Almost-Glossy/Low Haze coating is completely grain free and enhances clarity and color vibrancy
+S32F351 good preset color accuracy (PC Mode)
+S32F351 offers excellent calibrated image quality
+C32F391 offers good calibrated image quality
+S32F351 Accurate and neutral image quality with only marginal over-saturation after calibration
+No Viewing angle or glow issues when viewed properly
+C32F391 and S32F351 have negligible input lag
+S32F351 offers good overdrive for a VA panel, and two good overdrive settings
+S32F351 suffers from significantly less VA smearing than the C32F391
+Excellent for watching content in dimly lit rooms

-C32F391 cost more despite being significantly worse than the S32F351
-AV mode for consoles is inaccurate
-C32F391 has significantly worse preset color accuracy and is harder to calibrate than the S32F351
-C32F391 gamma is inaccurate regardless of which setting is used
-ICC profile made by colorimeter and calibration software is required to get good results from the C32F391
-C32F391 has some of obvious back-light bleed
-C32F391 suffers from slow pixel response times and obvious overshoot ghosting
-S32F351 Response Time Fast suffers from some obvious overshoot ghosting
-Both monitors suffer from some typical VA smearing of dark colors and shades such as black and brown

? VA panel black crush results in some dark details being lost when the monitor is viewed normally
? S32F351 does not support AMD Free-Sync
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