Author Topic: ViewSonic VX2458-mhd Review: Matte 144hz 1080p TN with AMD Free-Sync  (Read 12643 times)


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One Of The Few Good Ones
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DSC_0304 by Dr NCX, on Flickr

+Competitive price
+No contrast, gamma or uniformity loss when set to 144hz vs 60hz
+AMD Free-Sync support over Displayport (48-144hz) and HDMI 2.0 (48-120hz)
+Nearly grain and sparkle free matte coating allows for increased clarity and vibrancy of light colors and white
+Minimal banding when displaying dark content
+Fairly accurate
+TN panel with exemplary image homogeneity and reduced vertical gamma shift
+Balanced overdrive with no overshoot and very fast pixel response times (default Advanced Response Time setting) at both 60 and 144hz
+Negligible input lag

-Stand wobbles very easily
-Dead white pixel in the bottom right corner
-Glossy black bezel reduces perceived black depth
-Preset RGB Level accuracy could be better
-Miss-matched color gamut with over and under-saturation
-TN panel with obvious vertical gamma shift
-TN panel with very narrow and restrictive viewing angles
-Minor horizontal gamma shift and hour-glass shaped image distribution

The ViewSonic VX2458-mhd is a great budget friendly gaming monitor, but sadly this is mainly because many of the 144-165hz AUO TN panels have severe functionality and image quality issues, and not because it offers excellent all around performance.  The VX2458-mhd is not a super accurate TN panel, but it does not suffer from obvious issues such as severe banding when displaying dark content, low gamma, contrast, gamma and uniformity loss when set to 144hz, as well as has atypically uniform image homogeneity or reduced vertical gamma shift compared to most TN panels.  It also offers outstanding gaming performance without any real flaws such as the need to change the overdrive setting when changing the refresh rate, and it's more accurate than many of the more expensive 1080p 144hz TN panels.  The ViewSonic VX2458-mhd is the best 144hz 1080p TN panel without G-Sync as of May 17th 2019, and until otherwise noted in my Best Reviewed Flicker Free 144hz 1080p Monitors buying guide.

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