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Playstation: NCX-
Steam: NCX
Xbox: NCX

At the age of 9 in 1999, I got my first console, a NES from the 80's, though I had played games on friends PlayStation's and N64's by then.  My second console was an N64 in 2002, which I played many hours of Mario Kart, Perfect Dark, 007: Goldeneye and 007: The World Is Not Enough on.  In 2004 I switched to mainly playing Starcraft 4v4 No Rush 20 Minute games and custom Starcraft games like Resident Evil and Tarpit Defense.  I also devoted a ton of time to playing Far Cry by Crytek, Star Wars Dark Forces, Jedi Knight Outcast, Rebel Assault 1 & 2 and Warcraft 3 on PC which could barely handle Warcraft 3 with Medium Graphics settings.  In 2006, after a year of saving up I bought an Xbox 360 with Call of Duty 2, Far Cry: Instinct Predator, G.R.A.W., Oblivion, and PGR3.  I became a semi-achievement addict who ended up with over 120,000 gamer score, which I spent a lot of time playing bad, but easy 1000/1000 games in order to increase.

My 50" DLP TV, N64 and original Xbox owning friend lived next to the high school I attended (2003-2008), thus many lunch times and skipped school afternoons were spent playing Far Cry Instincts (Xbox), Far Cry: Instincts Predator (360), Goldeneye (N64), Guitar Hero (Xbox 360), Halo (Xbox), Halo 2 (Xbox) and Mario Kart 64 (N64), while also yelling at each other.

My favorite gaming memories are of Call of Duty 2 (2006-2007), Battlefield Bad Company (Fall 2008-2010), Dead Space (solo play 2010), Dirt (solo play; 2007), Gears of War 1 (360 & PC 2006-2008) G.R.A.W. 1 & 2 (2006-2008), Lost Planet (2007-2008), Oblivion (2006-2008) Sega Rally Revo (solo play; 2008), Shadowrun (played 2007-2014; played on PC in 2008 and on), S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow Of Chernobyl (solo; played 3x since 2007) and Two Worlds (played 3x 2007-2010).  My favorite multiplayer shooters are Destiny, Lost Planet and Shadowrun; Destiny is very similar, and developed by some of the same people who made Shadowrun which is a more balanced game, which also has better map design.

I like Halo, have played a ton of multiplayer, but still have yet to complete Halo 2, though I have completed the rest of the games.  Halo Reach is my least favorite Halo campaign followed by Halo 3 while  I loved Halo: ODST campaign, really liked Halo 4, and liked Halo 5 more than Halo and Halo 3.    Halo, Halo Reach and Halo 4's multiplayer are my favorite, and I really like Halo 5 multiplayer, but have mainly played custom games and Zombies.

I bought the special edition (with the lunch box) of Fallout 3 in 2008 but did not play it until 2014, and did not like it that much since it seemed hollow and dull both game play and story wise compared to Oblivion, and very dull compared to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. which I completed three times before playing Fallout 3.  I started Fallout New Vegas in 2018 (with over two dozen mods), but did not finish it since it keeps crashing, Iíve devoted many hours into researching and trying fixes, and I do not want to restart after sinking 33 hours into it.

As of September 11th 2018 I've put 2400 hours of my life into Destiny (2097 hours) and Destiny 2 since February 2015, and acknowledge that Iíve ruined my life and ignored many games which I should have played instead.  Iím also still waiting to play the Crysis games properly since I want to play with high and stable frame rates, maximum settings and at least a 2560x1440 resolution.