Author Topic: Monitor Reivew Update Log 2018-2019  (Read 35926 times)


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Re: Site Update Log
« on: August 07, 2018, 12:29:36 am »
Answering questions and slowly working on finishing the HP 24 Envy and Qnix UHD32R reviews, as well as few other updates.

Added this to my 32" buying guide:

Samsung U32J590UQ

4K 31.5" matte Samsung VA panel with perceived black depth increasing dark matte grey bezel, AMD Free-Sync and a semi-wide gamut panel which over-saturates green and red significantly.  The U32J590UQ lacks a proper sRGB mode to tame the over-saturation, and can't fully cover the DCI-P3 (HDR) color space either, but this is to be expected for a budget 4K monitor.  The Samsung uses LED PWM Dimming or flicker when the brightness is set below 31%.

Review by Alexander Gryzhin (=DEAD=)
Review by Playwares
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