Author Topic: Monitor Reivew Update Log 2018-2019  (Read 19335 times)


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Re: Site Update Log
« Reply #15 on: November 01, 2018, 03:59:17 am »
Acer X27

Added the Review by Dmitry Vasiliev to my Best Reviewed Flicker Free 27" 4-5K AHVA/IPS/PLS buying guide.

Matte 4K AHVA panel with 98hz (8 Bit +FRC / 10 bit HDR 4:4:4), Nvidia G-Sync, height adjustable stand, 4x USB 3.0, local dimming and true HDR color.  Proper color (YcBcr 4:4:4) is only supported up to 98hz.  Image quality is degraded at 99-144hz.

BenQ Zowie XL2456

Added the XL2456 Review by PC Labl PL to my Best Reviewed Flicker Free 240hz TN Panels buying guide.

Matte 240hz TN panel with back-light strobing.  The XL2456 has the worst preset color accuracy I've seen in a review aside from the first 2560x1440 AH-IPS panel with Plasma Deposition Coating from Monoprice in 2013 thanks to the BenQ's FPS modes very low gamma (<1.6) and contrast (300:1). Fortunately the BenQ can be improved by switching from the abysmal preset FPS Mode to the Standard Mode to provide decent results for a TN panel, as is the case for all of their gaming monitors. Choose between some overshoot ghosting (preset AMA High overdrive setting) or slow pixel response times versus competitors (AMA Off), this also sadly applies to most BenQ gaming monitors.
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