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it advertise to have 85% ntsc.. so the color should be comparable to IPS panel?

All VA panels suffer from horizontal gamma shift and black crush in the center which reduces color evenness, vibrancy, and the ability to see detail in dark scenes unless viewing the VA panel at a slight off-center angle.  The 85% indicates that the panel has a semi-wide gamut panel with an extended color space which causes some over-saturation.  Some colors can look more vibrant compared to a non-wide gamut panel, but overall a good AHVA/IPS/PLS panel will still look better due to lack of gamma shift and center crush.

Quote from: chrischiang
but it shall still do fine right?

It's good* (I reviewed it and the Viewsonic XG2402 here) once the gamma settings are changed at 144hz, but the 24" panels suffer from obvious banding in dark scenes while the newer 24.5" panels do not, but suffer from signifcant contrast and color accuracy inconsistency between the same tested panels.

*Good by TN panel standards

Quote from: chrischiang
Which would you recommend me to get on black friday? If you have any other suggestion that fall within the same budget, please share with me.. Appreciate and thanks!!

Acer=TN panel with very restrictive viewing angles, vertical gamma shift (dull and uneven colors), and obvious banding in dark scenes (normal for 24" TN panels)

Viewsonic=VA panel with horizontal gamma shift, center crush, slower pixel response times and slight text blur which I provide two links about in the Best Monitors section of my Best Reviewed Flicker Free 144hz 1080p Monitors buying guide.

The Viewsonic theoretically (untested) has better image quality (wider viewing angles and more vibrant and even color) at the expense of pixel response items (more ghosting) and slightly less sharp test.  This isn't a simple matter of picking which is better or not, but I suggest trying the Viewsonic if it can be purchased from a retailer with a hassle free exchange and return policy.

Thanks for your detail explanation!! i will try to find a local store that have viewsonic set to try it out 1st.. if i couldnt find 1.. i shall go with acer!! thank you very much