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Re: Advice/Help Thread
« Reply #45 on: December 30, 2018, 01:38:14 am »
Hey there ncx, i was wondering why you recommend the Lenovo Y27g in your Best 24-27" 144hz 1080p G-Sync Monitors ? From all the reviews i'v read, and videos i'v seen a lot of people seem to be having problems with gsync on this monitor causing flickering and overdrive function being unusable.I'm asking because i could get one for a really good price, and that's why the dilemma.

The two reviews I have for the Lenovo are fairly positive, and don't mention flickering issues.  The first comment from the Lenovo Flickering issue video creator states that setting the overdrive setting to Off instead of Normal gets rid of the flickering present in the video.  Other commenters claim that turning off the Adaptive Contrast monitor setting and ensuring that Only Full Screen G-Sync setting is selected in the Nvidia Control panel also fixes the issue.  Read my post which contains setting improvements, read the video comments and make sure it can be purchased from a retailer with a hassle free exchange and return policy if you want to try one out.

Hello NCX,

I am in search for a 144hz TN panel and as my low budget allows me I've decided to end up with either a Viewsonic XG2401 or the newer model XG2402.
Both of these two models are available in my country, with the XG2402 being more expensive for 10 Euros.

Is there any other drawback on the xg2402 model, except the lack of a gray bezel that its predecessor had( i saw you mentioning this on another post)
Are there any other pros on the xg2402 except the better looks?
Is there any difference in the colors or the response time between the two?

If you have any information related to these monitors i would be glad to hear your recommendation between the two.  :)

PS:Are the AOC G2460PF / AOC G2590PX by any chance better to the other Viewsonic ones?

The XG2402 is marginally faster than the XG2401, but at these speeds it doesn't matter since the XG2401 is nearly as fast as a TN can be, has more consistently accurate color preset quality and contrast, and has a perceived black depth increasing grey bezel which I would pay more for.  The AOC PF is one of the worst 144hz monitors and the PX suffers from significant image quality variance between the panels tested (this information is featured in the Best Free-Sync monitors and AOC monitors sections in my best 144hz 1080p buying guide)
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