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Re: General Discussion
« Reply #15 on: September 26, 2018, 05:12:41 pm »
Since the Dell is not an option for me anymore, what do you think about the C27HG70?
It has worse responsiveness than C24FG70/73

The C27HG70 is slower than their 1080p panels, but lacks overshoot ghosting (@144hz) and is otherwise a decent monitor.  If it can be bought from a retailer with a hassle free return and exchange policy try it.  I'm hesitant to outright recommend it because of the curved VA panels text blur and slower pixel response (vs AHVA/IPS/PSL), plus 144hz 1440p AHVA panels Acer XF270H (updated with a fake frame-less panel in 2017) and Asus MG279Q (from 2015) are competitively priced against it.

PS: The Dell S2719DGF's matte coating is completely clear or grainy free, but the preset gamma is under 1.9 and can't be raised which results it it being very washed out.