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« Reply #15 on: October 18, 2018, 10:45:09 pm »
Just going to hop in and add some more recent measurements from my XG2402 (And more details on the settings used unlike last time) (Gamma) (RGB)

RGB levels seem to be slightly worse than my earlier ones (Though likely measurement variations again), but it thinks its fine so \_(ツ)_/ (The more I try to get it like the older ones, it's like nah, needs more of this and that)

CUSTOM1: Gamma 2.2, Black Stabilizer 10, Brightness 16

Color controls: R96, G96, B93

Standard, CUSTOM1/2/3, and Text seem to be mostly identical on my unit (Last time seemed to have been just measurement variations)

So yeah, mostly the same results, just some changed settings is all (Though colors are a bit more accurate on average) (Black Stabilization seems to affect some colors quite a bit, in some good ways, and in some bad ways. Finding a balance is tough)

I can also confirm the banding, though not as intense as what some of those photos show.
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