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Re: General Discussion
« Reply #15 on: January 26, 2019, 05:01:53 pm »
You should add PCMonitor's XG240R review to its list of reviews:

It's on the list along with >4 other monitors to add, and probably more when I actually do update the site on Monday.

Curious as to why you have it rated decently lower than the XG2402, as it seems mostly the same, however I could be missing something obvious :P

I put the XG240R last since I didn't know if it had the dark scene banding issue at the time, because it has low and skewed-down preset gamma (PRAD measurement), and worse overdrive performance compared to the VX2458 which has better preset gamma than the rest of the Viewsonic monitors (assuming consistency), as well as very fast and balanced overdrive (Ultra-Fast).  The VX2458's main flaw is the perceived black depth ruining glossy black bezel.  The XG2402 and 0R have only slightly-less bad matte black bezels, and glossy plastic is better for putting perceived black depth increasing silver tape on, and are easier to clean, and are hard to stain.

January 28th Update:

I re-evaluated everything and re-ranked the 24-27" 144hz 1080p Free-Sync monitors with the dark scene banding heavily weighed, which is why I excluded a few monitors previously featured.  I removed the 24GM79G after seeing Belgium Hardware's measurements, and because I don't know if it has the same dark scene banding issues as the Dell S2417DG, S2716DG and XG2402.
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