Author Topic: The Case For 27" 1440p 75hz AHVA/IPS/PLS  (Read 967 times)


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Re: The Case For 27" 1440p 75hz AHVA/IPS/PLS
« on: March 30, 2019, 05:44:37 pm »

Multiple good 2560x1440, 75hz AH-IPS and PLS panels with Free-Sync are available for the same price as the cheapest 144hz 1440p TN and curved VA panels. The best tested options are the Acer BE270U, Asus VZ27AQ (second best), Dell S2719DM and Samsung S27H850QFU (best) which is the most accurate, but is not available in North America.

I would be more favorable to the 144hz 1440p VA panels if the curved VA panels had lighter matte coatings and text clarity on par with AHVA/IPS/PLS:

IBXT Curved C24FG70 VA Text Blur Analysis
PC Monitors Curved VA Panel Text Blur Analysis

Also, VA panels have slower pixel response times and suffer from horizontal gamma shift which causes the sides of VA panel to be significantly lighter or washed out compared to AHVA, IPS and PLS panels. VA panel gamma becomes lower, and colors and shades become more washed out the further away from the center.

AOC AG271QG (1440p AUO AHVA Panel):

AOC AG271QG GB Stripes by Dr NCX, on Flickr

Samsung 43NU7100 (Samsung VA Panel):

Samsung 43NU7100 GB Stripes by Dr NCX, on Flickr

I understand that 144hz reduces input lag and motion blur if the panel has pixel response times to match, however I think 144hz is overvalued since skill always trumps non-ridiculous (>40ms) amounts of input lag, plus many of the people who buy the cheapest 144hz 1440p TN panels upgrade from 60hz monitors 75hz provides a 25% refresh rate increase over 60hz, which a noticeable upgrade, and in the case of 75hz AHVA/IPS/PLS, an upgrade which does not require one to sacrifice image quality.

Yes TN panels typically have faster pixel response times than AHVA/IPS/PLS, but they do not have lower input lag than gaming oriented AHVA/IPS/PLS, and as previously stated, 75hz is still a significant upgrade over 60hz. One of the most popular, as well as worst sub 400$ 144hz TN panels, the Dell S2716DG (35%), suffers from vastly more overshoot ghosting than the Samsung S27H850FQU's 5%. Belgium Hardware Source:

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