Author Topic: HP 24 Envy Review: Semi-Glossy 1080p IPS with 75hz & AMD Free-Sync  (Read 1521 times)


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The brightness range of the HP 24 Envy ranges between 53-255cdm/2 which is very similar to the HP 25-27 CW/er/es/XW monitors, and suitable for all lighting conditions aside from the brightest, such as outside on a sunny day or in an office with lots of windows on a bright sunny day. The 1000:1 contrast is average (1500:1 is outstanding while 1200:1 is great) for a modern AHVA/IPS/PLS panel and too low for use in a light-less room, especially if the brightness is set above 25 (100cdm/2).  The HP 25-27 CW/er/es/XW monitors contrast is a bit higher at 1100-1200:1, especially before reducing the Contrast from 80 to 75 to get rid of the green tint on light grey and white. 

Like most other 1080p IPS/PLS panels, the HP 24 Envy, HP CW, er, es and XW monitors have frame-less casings which have inner black glossy bezels or frames which reduce the perceived black depth, or makes black look light (greyish) by comparison, but bias lighting (lamp placed behind the display) can be used to negate the need for reflection inducing room lights, and vastly increase the perceived black depth.
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