Author Topic: HP 24 Envy Review: Semi-Glossy 1080p IPS with 75hz & AMD Free-Sync  (Read 1521 times)


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^The above compilation is of photos of the Test UFO Ghosting Test on the monitors featured in the compilation.  Click here to view the test.  This part of the review was updated in 2019.

Out of the box, or by default, the HP 24 Envy's Response Time (erroneously named Video Overdrive in my Test UFO Ghosting comparison above) or pixel response time setting is preset to Level 1 while the HP 25 er and es have theirs preset to Off, just like the HP 27CW, 25XW and 27XW I reviewed in 2015 and 2016.  The 24 Envy, 25er and 25es all offer extremely similar performance, the main difference being that the 24 Envy can natively overclock and has more Response Time settings.  The 25er and 25es perform best when Level 2 of 3 is used, while the 24 Envy does when Level 2 and 3 of 5 are used.  The 25er and es's Level 2 setting is most similar to the 24 Envy's Level 2 setting, and their Level 2 setting is essentially the same as the Video Overdrive On setting the CW and XW series monitors offer.  The 24 Envy's Level 2 and 3 Response Time setting offer fast pixel response times close to a good TN panel, but with some obvious overshoot ghosting on light blue, yellow and white transitions when Level 3 is used.  TN panels like BenQ Zowie RL2460 are indeed noticeably faster, but not significantly, and the increased speed or lesser amount of ghosting comes at a steep price which is TN panels vertical gamma shift and very restrictive viewing angles.  Vertical gamma shift causes the top quarter of TN panels to be too dark, and the bottom half to be washed out, which results in the vertical, or top to bottom unevenness of colors and shades, and reduced vibrancy compared to AHVA/IPS/PLS and VA panels.  TN panels also have very restrictive viewing angles which force one to only be able to look down at TN panels from above.  I think most will be satisfied with the performance of the 24 Envy which offers extremely similar performance to the HP 25 and 27 inch CW/er/es and XW monitors I reviewed, as well as many other AHVA/IPS/PLS performance at 60hz. 

The only IPS-type panel I tested which is noticeably faster is the Acer XB321HK with Nvidia G-Sync, but it costs nearly five times more.  Gamers who are only PC gaming may want to opt for a 144hz TN panel with significantly worse image quality like the LG 24GM79G or Viewsonic XG2401 and 2, or a 144hz VA panel like the Samsung C24FG70 and 73.  Those who want to use both a PC and console for gaming, as well as care about image quality or dislike TN panels should consider the Dell SE2717H and HP 24 Envy which both support AMD Free-Sync and 75hz natively, or the matte Philips 257E7QDSB which can be overclocked to 75hz.
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