Author Topic: HP 25er & 25es Review: Almost-Glossy 1080p LG AH-IPS  (Read 2789 times)


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Re: HP 25er & 25es Review: Almost-Glossy 1080p LG AH-IPS
« on: May 03, 2018, 01:37:02 am »

^ From Left to Right: Asus VG23AH (semi-glossy IPS), HP 25er (Almost-Glossy/Low Haze IPS), Qnix QX2710 Multi Hot (Matte AHVA), Qnix UHD3216R (Matte AHVA), SubGear AD-2701Q IPS DP (Glossy PLS)

The 25" & 27" HP CW/er/es/XW (1080p AH-IPS) monitors, HP Spectre 32 (4k AHVA; my review) and HP S27OC (1080p curved A-MVA; more information & review links) use a Low Haze Coating which I am proud to be the first to classify as an Almost-Glossy coating. HP describes the almost-glossy or Low Haze coating:

"The reflectiveness typical with glossy screen surface is appreciably reduced with the Low Haze Screen enhancement, without losing clarity and contrast of screen imagery."

The almost-glossy coating is equally as free from grain and sparkle, as well as equally as clear as a glossy coating, but is less reflective. The almost-glossy coating is also free from the white haze which semi-glossy coatings suffer from when placed under bright lighting conditions; reflections are mostly transparent and clear like they are on glossy coatings.

Fully Glossy HP 25VX versus Almost-Glossy HP 27XW

HP 25VX vs 27XW by Dr NCX, on Flickr
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