Author Topic: HP 25er & 25es Review: Almost-Glossy 1080p LG AH-IPS  (Read 2789 times)


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Playstation 3 & 4

HP 25er 59
by Deepinthesky Teslastorm, on Flickr

The HP monitors scale 1280x720 and 1920x1080 without issue, and unlike the HP CW/XW monitors the er/es monitors do not lack an HDMI Black Level setting and automatically and correctly, so the Playstation's RGB Range setting does not need to be changed.


Go to Settings>Display Settings>Scroll down and select RGB Full Range (HDMI)

Go to Settings>Video Settings>Scroll down and select 1080p 24hz Output Automatic.

To use external audio devices use the 3.5mm audio in & out ports located on the back of the Crossover or use the included Playstation 3's RCA cord.

Or insert an optical cord into the optical out port located at the back of the PS3 or 4 to connect the PS3 or 4 to an external device such as a DAC.


Go to Settings>Scroll down and select Sound and Screen>Video Output Settings>Resolution: 1080p>

RGB Range: Full

Go to Settings>Video Playback Settings and set Output at 1080p/24hz to Automatic.

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