Author Topic: Monoprice 27" 4K RTD2795 IPS Review: Matte 27" 3840x2160 AHVA with AMD Free-Sync  (Read 3169 times)


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Input Lag

DSC_0788 by Deepinthesky Teslastorm, on Flickr

The Monoprice 274K can be considered delay free or to have negligible input lag, but this is normal for most non-professional oriented monitors made since 2015. The Leo Bodnar device measured 10.6ms in the middle of the screen, but the Bodnar device measurement partially includes the monitors black-to-white pixel response times and vertical refresh rate; LCD panels take time to refresh from top to bottom and the lowest measurement from the middle a display can offer is around 9.5ms.

The top screen Bodnar results are in the 3.3ms range which is a negligible result one can call delay or lag free; the lowest measurement LCD panels can achieve is around 2.5ms. The Monopirce 274K is suitable for all gamers, assuming they can put up with the 60hz refresh rate.
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