Author Topic: Samsung 43NU7100 & Sony 43X750F Review x2: Semi-Glossy 4K VA & IPS  (Read 2583 times)


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Sony Input Lag

DSC_0146 by Deepinthesky Teslastorm, on Flickr

When the Game and Graphics modes are enabled the Sony 43X750F has a 27ms (top screen Leo Bodnar measurement @1080p) delay.  It's possible that the Sony has lower input lag at 4K, but highly unlikely.  The fastest TV's have 11-15ms delays when their Game or PC modes are enabled, but very, very few aside from OLED are PWM/Flicker Free like the Sony 43X750F.  The Sony 43X720E Rtings tested is a bit faster with a 20ms delay, but it has less accurate color presets, as does the X750F's predecessor which has higher input lag with 34ms.  Most monitors have <4ms delays.
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