Author Topic: Samsung 43NU7100 & Sony 43X750F Review x2: Semi-Glossy 4K VA & IPS  (Read 2583 times)


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Seeing Darkness
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Back-Light Bleed

The Order 1886 Statue Reference by Dr NCX, on Flickr

My Qnix UHD32R (almost-glossy or low haze coated 32" 4K AUO AHVA panel) has a 800:1 contrast ratio after calibration and far more back-light bleed than the Sony, which is very obvious when the lights are off.  My The Order 1886 Lights Off 15s album contains photos of many displays ranging from 130-1200$ US MSRP.

Qnix UHD32R with 808:1 contrast after calibration:
Spoiler (hover to show)

Qnix UHD3216R with 1200:1 contrast after calibration:
Spoiler (hover to show)

Samsung F2380MX with 3,300:1 contrast after calibration:
Spoiler (hover to show)

The Samsung F2380MX uses a C-PVA panel, which is the first type of CCFL back-lit VA panel to achieve more than 3,000:1 contrast without local dimming, but have the slowest pixel response times.

Samsung 43UN7100 with 3,700:1 contrast after calibration:
Spoiler (hover to show)

Keep in mind that the 43UN7100 reduces the brightness automatically in dark scenes, or has a built in dynamic contrast feature which can't be disabled.

Sony 43X750F with 886:1 contrast after calibration:
Spoiler (hover to show)

When the lights are off both the Samsung and Sony clearly have higher contrast or lower black depth and far less back-light bleed than the Qnix.  However, when both my bias and ceiling lights are on the Qnix UHD3216R is the best thanks to the 1200:1 contrast and lack of  gamma shift and obvious back-light bleed.  The Qnix UHD32R is the second best since it has a perceived black depth increasing silver bezel, and a superior glossy coating variant which is less reflective and looks less washed out under bright lighting.  The Samsung VA panels horizontal gamma shift causes the sides of the panel to be washed out and blue-ish, and can't show as much detail as the Qnix AHVA and Sony IPS panels.

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